Pronova Laboratories Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells various types of food supplements, cosmeceuticals, personal care products and household products, primarily in everyday life-related fields, utilizing the company’s sophisticated modern technology. Taking advantage of its production network that allows for the manufacture of various products and of its research and development capabilities in a wide array of fields, the company is involved in a diverse range of product development from food supplementary products and cosmetic products to household products and industrial products, and has been expanding markets for both its OEM business, which provides total support to meet customers’ needs from designing of standards and proposing prescriptions to production, and its manufacturing business for leading brands.

           Pronova Laboratories has acquired trust and successful business partnerships from customers around regions, resulted from the strategic approach of providing high-quality products with accreditation from international standard such as GMP, HACCP, and HALAL.

Company Profile

    Our Vision

            Focus on innovative technology to provide superior quality products which help people to live “Better Health, Better Life” .

    Our Mission

            Our company’s mission is to create and deliver innovative healthcare products, which enhance the quality of life and improve outcomes for our customers and business partners. Manages production under GMP Standard and put the effort to ensure the highest quality products.

Core Business

          Pronova Laboratories Co., Ltd, your reliable one stop service partner.

1. Supply private label products (OEM).

2.Provide and supply products according to customers’ specifications or developed customized products for customers.

3.Design and develop new formulas to support customers’ growths and demands.

4.Furnish products in both bulk and retail packaging.