UVA radiation is continuous throughout the day, able to penetrate unlimited layers of clouds and haze. The key is to allow the light to pass through the glass while blocking harmful UVB. It is the radiation that stimulates melanin pigment, causing the skin to brown in the short term, and go deep into the bottom skin (Dermis) causing premature skin aging, sun allergies, skin sensitivity to sunlight, immune suppression, eye and retinal damage, and the formation of free radicals, resulting in indirectly affecting DNA genetic mutation. It can also cause certain types of skin cancer.

UVB radiation is necessary radiation for vitamin D production. The disadvantages are sunburn, stimulating the production of new melanin, which has a long lasting black brown color and is a major reason for DNA damage, skin cancer, and eye retinal damage.

Infrared (IR), or thermal radiation is a type of electromagnetic wave that radiates from the sun. When this radiation touches the skin, heat can be felt. Whether it is from the sun or a flame, during our daily lives, we encounter infrared rays and experience them without knowing it. Examples include: saunas, computers, tungsten bulbs, gadgets, ovens, hair dryers, etc. The insidiousness of UV radiation can cause dark skin, melasma, dark spots, and make the skin hot, swollen and red.  The infrared ray is stronger and can damage the skin deeply, penetrating into the skin cells at a cellular level and stimulating free radicals that causes the collagen in the skin to decrease. This results in sagging, deep wrinkles, lost flexibility and even skin cancer.

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