PRONOVA Dietary Supplement Solutions

Nowadays, people are interested in many dietary supplements in various forms like granules, powders, liquids, etc.

Although some dietary supplements may have similar properties, the effectiveness of the action is different based on their form, such as:

  • Liquid

Or ready to drink. The advantage of this is quickly and easily the nutrients can be absorbed.

When choosing the package, choose a bottle that is protected from light, like a brown-colored bottle.

  • Powder

Mix with water to dissolve and drink. The advantage of this is that it can contain important substances in large quantities (according to the criteria set by the FDA), making each consumption a full dose without having to take many pills at a time. Flavor can also be added for easy drinking.

  • Tablet type (Round / oval / square) (coated / uncoated)

Its characteristic is the mixing of various extracts together and then being compressed into tablets. Color and quantity can be customized and specified according to requirement. The advantage of this is that it works and some tablet can be coated with sweetener.

  • Hard capsule

Capsule like this can be seen quite often. There are many sizes, most of which are made from gelatin of animals. The advantages of hard capsules are its ability to mask all unwanted odors, easy to swallow and control the release of important substances well.

  • Soft gelatin capsule

Or as everyone calls “soft gel”, this type of capsule is suitable for weak substances that are unable to withstand extreme temperature and sensitive to stimuli. These substances must be packed together with a capsule encapsulating substance and most will contain various oils. These cannot be made into dry powder. However, people who have problems with oily acne or excess fat and want to avoid substances in the form of oil, they may not be happy with this type of capsule. They may have to find oil that comes in a powder form and packaged in a hard capsule.


If you are interested in making your own brand, whether it is food supplements, creams, toothpaste, cosmetics or beverages, please contact us and our Pronova team will be happy to assist you. We can provide a full range of services including procurement of important substances, packaging, production, and quality designing.

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