Pronova Laboratories Co., Ltd has dedicated toward the excellence of providing services to customers to achieve the health and wellness markets in customers’ desired territories. By offering the full function of OEM/ODM services, Pronova Laboratories has a wide range of product formulations for clients to select from and with our expertise development team, we can also design, develop and create the formulations according specific requirements to a specific target group.

           We Offers “One Stop Service” to assist customers in bringing their products to market smoothly.

Our services consisted of the following;

  • Product Consultant :Advise about products and product launch.

  • Customize Formulation : Provide formulations from both of our existing formulations stock or customize formulate regarding to customer’s need with quality and proper price.

  • Packaging Sourcing : Provide the best selection of many  types of packaging to suit to customer’s needs for both of quality and price from domestic and abroad.

  • Packaging/Labeling Design : Provide the beautifully designed or art work and labels service according to customer requirements.

  • Quality Assurance :Provide world class quality you can trust throughout the shelf-life of the product.

  • Documentary Service :provide the export documentary both from domestic and oversea.

  • Production : All products are manufactured with world-class standard facilities. Our capabilities are highly flexible for small batch size through mass production.

            Our comprehensive products which enable us to develop into OEM products are classified into 3 categories covering (1) Food Supplement, (2) Personal Care, (3) Instant Food and Beverage.

        All products list are legally compliance under Thai FDA and with a worldwide accreditation, Pronova Laboratories manufactures the production following ISO, GMP, HACCP and HALAL Standard to accomplish the high standard production, hygiene facilities and high quality products.

Food Supplement

      With our expertise and our broad portfolio, it is enable us to create integrated solutions ranging from product development and manufacturing through to supplying products in various forms, including softgel, tablet, capsule, and powder.

            Our comprehensive products in these forms with its own features fit for different functional ingredients are dedicated to meet your various requests.

Personal Care

     Pronova Laboratories Co., Ltd is focusing on the development of innovative products inspired by the upcoming trends to create products using new formulas and aim to the excellent function on promoting the natural beauty of skin, body, hair and oral health, as well as the toiletries and amenity of which can devise and maintain the better, easy and on the go of life style.

We can provide:

  • Skincare Cream/Lotion (For Baby & Adult)

  • Whitening cream/lotion

  • Sun Protection cream/lotion

  • Acne Treatment

  • Scar Treatment

    • Cosmeceuticals Cream/Lotion

    • Slimming massage Cream/Lotion

    • Toothpaste & Mouthwash

    • Hair Oil Treatment

    • Toiletries/Amenity

Instant Food and Beverage

        Pronova Laboratories Co., Ltd has always emphasized and inspired by the fast-growing market and customers’ desire to establish and offer high standard Instant food and Beverages products.  Our manufacturing processes bring to use only the latest and quality tested GMP machines and equipment to ensure that the products are safe for consumption and with our expertise development, the customers can enjoy and assure the deliciousness and the rich of nutrition, respectively.