Our R&D Team focuses on product formulation to meet all safety requirements, proven efficacy, regulatory compliance and performance to provide the customers with satisfied and competitive products.

          We keep the most up-to-date mechanism and high grade ingredients with innovative advance research to ensure that we are on the leading edge of production technology.

          With in-house R&D, it is the advantage which helps to provide prompt development of wide range of healthy products. We mean to develop differentiated and added value to products creating the better health and quality of consumers’ lives.

Our Manufacturing Facility

          Our manufacturing facilities were exclusively built and set up in compliance with standard and well designed specifically to manufacture healthcare products ensuring it is safe for consumption and usage.

         We established and expanded our manufacturing facility into 4 sites classified according product range extensively covered:

  • Food supplement

  • Instant food and Beverage

  • Functional drink

  • Skincare and Cosmetics

          By our intensive innovation, we aim to create, produce and commercialize the products to be differentiated, unique and competitive as well as provide services that lead to the obvious improvement to health and better lives.

          All of our manufacturing sites are operated according to GMP standard in more than 20,000 square meters facilities, corporate in parallel with our specialists who dedicate working to achieve the optimum outcomes. That allows us to schedule, work and recall production efficiently and flexibly to get products to market just in time within standard and high quality.